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Don’t try to go it alone! Many companies make the mistake of trying to market products on their own and while they might succeed, there are a great many who manage to fail within the first two years of operation

Outsource your Sales to an HSN Broker

6 Ideas will take you there
HSN, a leading interactive multichannel retailer which, now reaches 95 million homes (24 hours a day, seven days a week, live 364 days a year). As an HSN Broker, 6 Ideas has the connections! We can get your product shown to the right buyers immediately!

Live Demonstration
Unlike other channels of distribution, on TV you get to demonstrate the features and benefits of your product to millions of people at one time. Make your product sing and dance on TV! In 6 to 12 minutes you should be able to sell thousands of units! If you do not want to pitch your product on air, we will hire a professional pitch person.

TV Shopping
HSN and QVC are not infomercials or As Seen On TV. Spend some time watching HSN or QVC. Get a feel for the approach. There is a HSN Host who works for HSN and a guest. That guest is either you as the inventor or manufacturer; or a hired pitch person. Your HSN Broker can advise you on the right strategy!

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