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As an entrepreneur, you know that investing is part of earning money. Putting your money on something that can benefit your company is an excellent marketing strategy. One area to concentrate your company funds on is advertising.

The internet has delivered to us methods of exposing our products to not only the local market, but also the global market. Though you may start small, successful sales mean more access to both suppliers and retailers. In addition, you will also gain access to manufacturers more capable of mass producing your product for a demanding market. While the internet is a great medium for spreading news of your products, the television is not to be dismissed by any means. It is still a powerful resource for sales. Some might consider home shopping channels a thing of the past, but the giants, like HSN (Home Shopping Network) are still alive and well.

Internet vs. Home Shopping Channels

The internet will give you the ability to market your product far and wide, but your product will only be seen by those who click on the page. This can be done either through a random search, an affiliate link, or, very rarely, a direct web query. TV Shopping reaches that 40+ demographic directly. She watches QVC and HSN for new items and great values!

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